SYV-Online.COM is a community information website providing local news and information, as well as links to local businesses in the Santa Ynez Valley. The wine tasting database now extends this site beyond the townships of Buellton, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Ballard, Los Olivos, and Los Alamos to the areas of Lompoc and Santa Maria. The site currently (as/of September, 2011) receives about 400+ visitors per day, or about 12,000 visits per month. These are about evenly divided between remote visitors and "locals".

The banner advertising system provides support for the community website, while driving traffic to sponsor websites. In two cases (Business Focus and Wine Tasting Database), banners provide a means of extending further information regarding the sponsors product or service offering. Such information can be changed monthly as needed.

Advertising is reserved on a monthly or quarterly basis, with discount provided for quarterly arrangement. Each banner provides a hot link to the target URL (website), and statistics are collected and automatically reported at the end of each month relating to the number of "click-throughs" provided to the sponsor site. Information on current actual traffic to the syv-online site is available by contacting us.

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Category A - "Top Banner" - consists of 12 banners in rotation (fading). Rate is $79/mo. (20% discount for quarterly reservation, or $63/mo.) Also appears on all other "article" pages presented on the website, producing a total of 1,780 impressions ($.04/impression). [400x60 horizontal banner.]   Example

Category B - "Business Focus" - provides a personalized presentation with a square photo (person or business), combined with a click-through page providing a feature article, product special, or special announcements - PLUS a link to the sponsor website. $49/mo. ($39/mo quarterly), with two full day exposures per month. Provides a total of 800 impressions per month, or $.06/impression, with ability to customize front page and backup page information.   Example

Category C - "Right Column Banner" - provides wide format (250x100) banner appearing on home page only, in rotation. $39/mo. ($31/mo. quarterly), providing 1,000 impressions, or $.04/impression.

Category W - "Wine Tasting Database Banner" - provides "headline" wide screen (800x150) banner in rotation (with up to 12). $89/mo. ($71/mo. quarterly).   Example

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