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A Message from Young Republicans

Posted: Friday, October 1, 2004

By: Catherine Brinkman (Expired article)

Foster City, CA -

A message from Catherine Brinkman,
State Chair California Young Republicans, Inc.

When I am with my friends from college, the last thing I want to do is talk politics. But of course, everyone wants to know about it.

The past two months have been rough; only a handful of my college friends are supporting Bush. It seems that it has become almost trendy to support Kerry. Slowly after the convention speech that the President gave, a few minds are changing, but it is taking a lot of talking on my part.

No one I know or have met at bi-partisan events likes Kerry; they just want anything but Bush.

I am also sick of hearing voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, saying Bush is running his campaign on fear and the threat of terror. Last time I checked, the World Trade Center wasn’t in lower Manhattan. I still have to check through airport security an hour or more before my San Jose to Los Angeles 50 minute flight. When President Bush addressed the nation a few days after September 11, he asked Americans to go back to work as usual. Too bad, I couldn’t go back to work for almost a week, due to the fact that the New York Mercantile Exchange was in the basement of the WTC and the markets where closed.

When I think back to those days, I am so glad that President Bush sat in the White House and not Al Gore. When I think that Republicans aren’t supporting the President because of his stance on the war, it makes me sick. Perhaps it is because these Republicans lived in very rural areas their entire life, do not visit large populous’ often and do not have any targets that the terrorists would attack…. (Except - there is that aqueduct that runs through the state of California.)

There are three main reasons for my voting for Bush in November.

1. I know what I am getting with President Bush. I know where he stands on the issues. I know what he has done in the past. I know that he will be a great leader during these tumultuous times. I can respect President Bush. Kerry on the other hand, seems to stick his finger in the air to see what way the wind is blowing before he makes a decision. Someone needs to explain to Kerry that flip flops are meant for your feet, not your political beliefs. I do not respect Kerry. I do not want someone in the White House that I do not respect.

2. I believe that Social Security needs reform. I am twenty-five; by the time I retire, there will be very little, if any, money left in the system for our demographic, unless a change is made. Privatizing social security, allowing people to invest small amounts on their own is perfect. Americans can take their social security money and open a Roth IRA, place it in a money market account, invest in a mutual fund or put it in a certificate of deposit. Americans should be able to take a more active role in their retirement.

3. I also agree with the President’s plan for education. He wants to increase spending to ROP programs and other vocational training programs. It seems that in the 1990s, it became socially unacceptable to not attend college right out of high school. However, the bottom line is that not everyone wants to go to college. With the President’s plan those that want a career out of high school will be able to attain one faster than with the current programs they have in place. I also like the idea of the President’s no child left behind program. While there are snags in it, the administration is trying to iron them out. Americans seemed to have forgotten how long programs take to be effective. It isn’t an overnight process, and many times adjustments need to be made. President Bush has addressed the fact that this program has a few problems, and that he is dedicated to working them out. The fact that Bush is thinking of future generations is terrific and all types of education are important to ensuring that the United States remains the top power.

That being said, I ask each of you to go out and help the CYR’s and other California grassroots organizations in our attempt to win California for the President. In many “democrat- safe” districts, the swing vote is down to 5 or 6 votes per precinct. If you talk to just ten declined to state voters, making sure that they go to the polls and vote for President Bush, we can win California for the President. We only have a few more weeks to go before Nov. 2, 2004. California was able to recall a governor last year; we can win the state for the President this year!

Catherine Brinkman, State Chair

You can contact Catherine at:
California Young Republicans Statewide
PO Box 4964
Foster City, CA 94404
Telephone: 916-202-3730

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