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Solvang Christmas Nativity Pageant - 2008

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2008

By: D. Retz (Expired article)

Solvang, CA -

Welcome to the Solvang Christmas Nativity Pageant 2008 Info Page

This has general information, or links to pages that are of reference to those preparing to participate in the pageant.

Order of Music (See document for revision date)

Contact information:

Janette Swanson, Email: js@casaaguasvivas.com, Phone: 567-1501
Steve Battaglia, Email: steve@batagliare.com, Cell: 680-6431
Lynda McBride, (no Email), Phone: 688-0301
Dave Retz, Email: dretz@comware.us, Phone: 805-688-2147, Cell: 805-359-2953

Andy: 688-5935

Katy Keller (violinist), (no Email), Cell: 286-7497
Laurie (Piccolo) 698-0967
Michael Roberts (Trumpet), Email: usa@englishgardenbuildings.com, Cell: 350-0779 - Unavailable for Concert
Alan Satchwell (Trumpet), (no Email), Office: 688-6323
Dave Gardner (Trumpet), (no Email), 886-9410

Samuel DePalma, 814-657-1939

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