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Posted: Wednesday, December 1, 2004

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A lot of people are not aware of the items and information that should be supplied to you when you buy a new computer. This information also relates to buying computer parts, software, or second hand components. A part from the obvious things like the monitor, computer case, keyboard, mouse, printer etc, there are also things you need just in case disaster strikes and you have to format your machine. One thing you must have when you buy a new computer is the installation disk/cdrom for the operating system you are running. Not only is it against the law not to give you the originals but should the worst happen you would have to beg, borrow, pirate a disk to get your machine running again. It also becomes a problem when the setup disks for your hardware and software are not present. Imagine having your hard drive crash so you take it to the shop to be fixed and when you get it back home all your software programs you have become familiar with are gone. A technician can only install your original programs on your machine, if he has to format he will be ringing you to ask for your originals. Ensure all manuals, software and drivers for your new computer come with it. If they are not there ask your dealer.

When you buy new parts, they all come with an instruction manuals and drivers so they can be installed safely and correctly. The same should apply to second hand. Its no point in getting a really cheap printer, only to find the drivers that run the printer cannot be found. You can usually find the drivers (software programs to make your parts work) at numerous websites but there are lots of people stuck with hardware that they cannot find drivers for.

Be careful when purchasing to ensure you get what you are entitled too.

Items you should already have:

1. Operating System, Disks/cdrom, manuals:- This can consists of either windows 95, 98, ME, XP, or whichever operating system you are running.

2. Drivers For Your Hardware:- This includes printer, scanner, video card, cdrom, modem, sound, keyboard, etc.

3. The Right Computer:- On the odd occasion whether it be an accident or a mix up in packing, the wrong computer may arrive. Always check your receipt to ensure that if you ordered a pentium, you received an pentium. If you ordered 128meg of Ram (Random Access Memory), you received 128meg of Ram. This is easy to find out for your self if you carefully watch your computer as it is booting up (starting) all the information, (processor, ram, video card sizes) are clearly shown. If you have any hesitations call your dealer and he will be glad to help you out.

4. The Advertised Software:- Always make sure the software that is advertise as an extra, comes with your new computer. Dealers sometimes throw in as a bonus some software and you need to make sure that you receive it and its the version and brand that was advertised.

Tip:- When buying a new system try to have included, an antivirus software program, this is a costly software program and if you can get it as a bonus with your system you can save about a hundred dollar outlay.

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